Research Expertise:
Complexity theory of biological systems
Chung-Kang Peng
Chair Professor
Ph.D. in Physics, Boston University, USA
Selected Publications:

Physiobank, physiotoolkit, and physionet components of a new research resource for complex physiologic signalsAL Goldberger, LAN Amaral, L Glass, JM Hausdorff, PC Ivanov, RG Mark, ...
Circulation 101 (23), e215-e220

Mosaic organization of DNA nucleotidesCK Peng, SV Buldyrev, S Havlin, M Simons, HE Stanley, AL GoldbergerPhysical Review E 49 (2), 1685

Quantification of scaling exponents and crossover phenomena in nonstationary heartbeat time seriesCK Peng, S Havlin, HE Stanley, AL GoldbergerChaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 5 (1), 82-87

Fractal dynamics in physiology: alterations with disease and agingAL Goldberger, LAN Amaral, JM Hausdorff, PC Ivanov, CK Peng, ...Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (suppl 1), 2466-2472

Long-range correlations in nucleotide sequencesCK Peng, SV Buldyrev, AL Goldberger, S Havlin, F Sciortino, M Simons, ...Nature 356 (6365), 168-170

Multiscale entropy analysis of complex physiologic time seriesM Costa, AL Goldberger, CK Peng
Physical review letters 89 (6), 068102

Long-range anticorrelations and non-Gaussian behavior of the heartbeatCK Peng, J Mietus, JM Hausdorff, S Havlin, HE Stanley, AL GoldbergerPhysical review letters 70 (9), 1343
Multiscale entropy analysis of biological signalsM Costa, AL Goldberger, CK PengPhysical review E 71 (2), 021906

Statistical properties of the volatility of price fluctuationsY Liu, P Gopikrishnan, P Cizeau, M Meyer, CK Peng, HE StanleyPhysical Review E 60 (2), 1390

Is walking a random walk? Evidence for long-range correlations in stride interval of human gait
JM Hausdorff, CK Peng, ZVI Ladin, JY Wei, AL GoldbergerJournal of Applied Physiology 78 (1), 349-358