Research Expertise:
Theoretical Solid State Physics Theoretical Nuclear Physics Experimental Solid State Physics
Der-San Chuu
Selected Publications:

Huang WP, Cheng HH, Jian SR, Chuu DS, Hsieh JY, Lin CM, Chiang MS, "Localized electrochemical oxidation of p-GaAs(100) using atomic force microscopy with a carbon nanotube probe" , Nanotechnology 17, 3838, 2006年08月

Hsieh JY, Li CM, Chuu DS, "Analytical technique for simplification of the encoder-decoder circuit for a perfect five-qubit error correction" , New J. Phys. 8, 80, 2006年05月

Ku JT, Kuo MC, Shen JL, Chiu KC, Yang TH, Luo GL, Chang CY, Lin YC, Fu CP, Chuu DS, Chia CH, Chou WC, "Optical characterization of ZnSe epilayers and ZnCdSe/ZnSe quantum wells grown on Ge/Ge0.95Si0.05/Ge0.9Si0.1/Si virtual substrates" , J. Appl. Phys. 99, 063506, 2006年03月

Liao YY, Chen YN, Chou WC, Chuu DS, "Orientation of adsorbed dipolar molecules: A conical well model" , Phys. Rev. B 73, 115421, 2006年03月

Jian SR, Fang TH, Chuu DS, "Nanomechanical characterizations of InGaN thin films" , Appl. Surf. Sci. 252, 3033, 2006年02月

Liao YY, Chen YN, Chuu DS, Brandes T, "Spin relaxation in a GaAs quantum dot embedded inside a suspended phonon cavity" , Phys. Rev. B 73, 085310, 2006年02月

Y.Y. Liao, Y.N. Chen, C.M. Li, and D.-S. Chuu, "Rotational entangled states between two coupled molecules" , J. Phys. B 39, 421, 2006年01月

Lai YJ, Lin YC, Fu CP, Yang CS, Chia CH, Chuu DS, Chen WK, Lee MC, Chou WC, Kuo MC, Wang JS, "Growth mode transfer of self-assembled CdSe quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy" , J. Cryst. Growth 286, 338, 2006年01月

R. B. Chen, C.P. Chang , J.S. Hwang , D.-S. Chuu, and M.F. Lin, "Magnetization of finite carbon nanotubes" , J. OF Phys. Soc. OF Japan 74 (5), 1404-1407, 2005年

S.R Jian, T.H. Fang, and D.-S. Chuu, "Nanomechanical Characterizations of InGaN Thin Films" , Applied Surface Science 252, 3033, 2005年