Date Activity / Title Speaker Place File
2020-12-09 Manipulating light at the nanoscale: Plasmonic optical nanoantennas and sensors Prof. Jer Shing Huang (Research Department of Nanooptics, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany) SC 427
2020-12-03 WIN Inside Dr. Yu-Chi Wang 王郁琦博士 SC001, Science Building III
2020-11-12 Deep learning of topological phase transitions from entanglement aspect Dr. Ming-Chiang Chung Science Building III
2020-10-29 Efficient Quantum Memory for Photons Dr. Ying-Cheng Chen SC001, Science Building III
2020-10-22 Growth, manipulation, and applications of graphene/hBN Dr. Wei-Yen Woon SC001, Science Building III
2020-10-15 Ultralow-light-level nonlinear optics in miniaturized devices Dr. Yi-Hsin Chen SC001, Science Building III
2020-11-19 Closer look at working energy materials: seeing the unseen with in situ x-ray spectroscopy Dr. CHUNG-LI DONG Science Building III
2020-02-19 A study of optical defect centers in diamond Dr. Yan-Kai Tzeng 曾彥凱博士 Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University, US R108, 1F Engineering Building 4, NCTU
2020-02-10 Superconductivity at Surfaces studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Prof. Yukio Hasegawa (The University of Tokyo) Science Building III, SC 353, NCTU.
2020-02-04 Mission Impossible: THz Wave Loves Liquid Water Xi Cheng, Zhang (The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester) SC 353
2019-12-26 [Colloquium] ATOM PROBE TOMOGRAPHY AND ITS LATEST APPLICATIONS IN ADVANCED CHARACTERIZATIONS Dr. Eason Chen (University of Sydney) SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2019-12-19 [Colloquium] 奈米電晶體的演化與應用 Dr. Chih-Hsin Ko (柯誌欣) Advanced Derivative Technology Development-1 Department (ADTDD1) – TSMC SC001, Science Building III , NCTU