Date Activity / Title Speaker Place File
2018-05-17 [Colloquium]Quantum optical manipulation with atoms Prof. Yi- Hsin Chen SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2018-05-10 [Colloquium]Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics Technologies,Industry,and Market 溫景發博士 SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2018-05-09 Invited Talk / New Type of Topological Crystalline Insulators: Material Search and Application Dr. Chuang-Han Hsu (National University of Singapore) SC 427, Science Building III, NCTU.
2018-05-08 Invited talk / Past, present, and expectation of THz photonics Prof. Xi-Cheng Zhang (The Institute of Optics University of Rochester, USA) SC 353, Science Building III, NCTU.
2018-05-03 Colloquium / 樂活養生照護與整合健康 黃孔良教授 SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2018-04-30 Colloquium / 職場啟蒙運動 Dr. Tsung Ming Yang (tsmc) Room 162 Science Building III, NCTU
2018-04-26 Colloquium / Reliability challenges in mobile technology for big data era K. N. Tu SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2018-04-19 Colloquium / Quantum Biology:An introduction and what we have been working on Prof. Guang-Yin Chen SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2018-04-12 Colloquium / The Next Frontier for Power Electronics: Fully Integrated Gan-on-Si Technology Dr. Ko-Tao Lee SC001, Science Building III , NCTU
2018-03-29 Colloquium / Ultra-High-Speed Visible/Invisible Laser Light Communication Systems Prof. Hai-Han Lu 2018/3/29
2018-03-22 Colloquium / Probing and Controlling Quantum Materials Using Elastic Strain Fields Prof. Jiun-Haw Chu SC001
2018-03-15 Colloquium / Mechanism of a strange metal state near a heavy fermion quantum critical point Prof. Chung-Hou Chung SC001, Science Building III , NCTU